We all start somewhere.  For me, I think it started on the playground when the mean girl said to me, “You Sound Like a Boy!”  This comment, along with the looks of surprise when I opened my mouth at a young age, helped me realize that I had something different.

 I have spent the last few years learning about the voiceover industry and growing myself and my studio in that process.  Three mics later, three different studio set ups later, hundreds of hours of training, thousands of auditions later, I think I can call myself a professional voice actor!  I have had the pleasure of voicing characters in video games, narrated children’s and young adult novels, I have worked on a variety of e-learning programs in both Spanish and English, and many many commercials.  Jumping into my booth, or my Mom Cave as I call it, is the daily job I could not be happier to complete. 

 I also love working in front of a camera, and have had the pleasure of being on commercials for John Deere, Bojangles, Food Lion, Wells Fargo, Maaco and More.  I have worked on a variety of short films, and look forward to getting back in to theater once my kids are grown.  I also have experience behind the camera working for a video production company and have a deep respect and admiration for all of the work that goes into a production.

 Telling stories, bringing words off the page, evoking emotion, and doing it all professionally, is how I love spending my days.  Let’s create something beautiful!

Fun and possibly useless facts about Marisa