Why not a blog?

Being in a creative industry and being an entrepreneur can often be difficult and we all have various places we go to for help and guidance.  I, have been thinking about writing more.  Although I acted and did voiceover work in my teens, this field is new to me as an adult.  I do feel like I am starting over and learning the ropes again.  After three years of consistent training, agents for both acting ventures, building my own VO booth and audition space in my "Mom Cave."  I feel like I have most of my ducks in a row.  Now we sit and wait right? 

No.  Now we get creative.  

We keep training.

We keep growing.  

I will use this blog to track the highs and the lows of this journey that I have chosen to go on.  Maybe someone will read it, maybe it'll just be for me, maybe it will help someone in their quest to enlightenment as an actor?  Who knows! 

Why not blog about it?