When your money maker gets wrecked by mucus and congestion...

This past Wednesday I woke up with...dun dun dun...a sore throat!  I went to the store, got some EmergenC and some Echinacea tea and rested my voice thinking it would pass.  Thursday morning I woke up congested, coughing, and totally unable to work.  Luckily the next day or two was reserved for emailing, marketing, and some work for my other part time job.  However, as I continue to work towards making VO my main source of income, I realized that this would not fly if I had had a handful of gigs that day!  So, I turned to some VO friends and asked about some of their remedies and solutions and thought that creating a list may be helpful to others!  

So, here ya go! 

-  Here is a recipe to a soup that I love to make when I, or family start to get sick.  I make a big batch, let is sit for a while, then strain it.  I then pour it and drink several cups a day and it helps knock out symptoms within a couple of days: http://www.healthy-holistic-living.com/ancient-ginger-garlic-soup-recipe-fights-flu-common-cold-excess-mucus-sinus-infections.html

-  Although no secret, many suggested Traditional Medicinals "Throat Coat" Tea: https://www.traditionalmedicinals.com/products/throat-coat/

-  Sleeping with a humidifier regularly.  I have friends who are full time musicians and also swear by this trick!  Why I haven't started yet, I don't know?!

- Yin Chiao - This is a Chinese Herb that looks like one I will have to keep in stock.  Helps keep colds away and shortens their life.  

- Here's one I had never heard of, but will be investing! Ponaris Nasal Emollient, I mean, it was used in NASA's medical space kits! http://www.ponaris.net/

-  Garlic!  Yup, just raw.  Chew it up and swallow.  It's strong but I think it really helped this time around.  I chewed up a clove yesterday morning. one last night and one again this morning.  I think this as made a huge difference in how I feel.  

-  Lemon Water daily!

- Hot bone broth with tumeric and pepper.

-  Elderberry Syrup

-CBD Oil

- Zinc daily

- And of course: Drinking lots of water and getting rest!  

I know there is a ton more we could add to this list. I was hoping to take this list and share it should you be looking to fight off that cold of yours or keep it away completely.